Superior Bar Products, Inc.

Superior Bar will also serve any low production Fabrication and Mig Welding demands as well.

- Steel and Aluminum mig welding

ISO 9001:2015‚Äč


Automatic Screw Machining

Production Sawing

CNC Machining

Superior Bar is equipped with precise vertical CNC machining centers to meet both High/Low production needs at work sizes up to 40" x 20" at 1,200LBS.

Our CNC department also works with many materials including carbon steels, stainless steels, Alloy/Tool steels, Aluminum alloys, Brass, Bronze, Plastics.

CAD/CAM Design/Programming

We utilize the latest technology CAD/CAM design and programming software to accommodate for the complex 2.5D/3D geometries and tool paths that are widely used today. These software's also help us with prototyping, high speed machining to ensure a quality part with rapid cycle times for an in the end cost effective part.

Our sawing department has been very valuable to our in house operations as well as our customers needs. We can cut any shape within a 13"L x 13"W at any length.

 We have sawed extrusions, tubing, pipe, channel, I and H beam, Hinge stock, angle, wire, bar, wood, and more.

We will gladly accept materials including Hot and Cold rolled Carbon steels, Stainless, aluminum, copper, brass, bronze, cast steel/aluminum, plastics, and wood.

Superior Bar has over 10 multi-spindle automatic screw machines capable of running round, square, and hexagonal materials in sizes from 1/8" - 2-5/8" in diameter.

-We work with a wide range of materials including carbon steels, stainless steel, Alloy/ Molybdenum steels, Aluminum alloys, Brass, Bronze, UHMW and other plastics.

-With the large versatility of our screw machines, we are able to perform many operations including turning, boring, drilling, reaming, rotary broaching, marking, knurling, grooving, tapping ,external threading, thread rolling.

 We have run jobs ranging in quantities from a couple hundred to a couple million annually.